Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #2 - Lower Dens

Why I Decree it to Be So:

I'll tell you a little something, you foxy foxes, Lower Dens really knows how to put the charm in Charm City. Twin-Hand Movement is a masterpiece, pure and simple. And as a side note, it also makes for some pretty fine mood music. I suppose that's neither here nor there, but believe you me, 'tis true. To me, Lower Dens made one of 2010's most beautiful, most atmospheric, and most incandescent records. There's stuff going on here that is incomprehensible in its loveliness. The seductive, hazy lo-fi tones of "Tea Lights," for example, or the heart-stopping, slow-motion trap that is the impeccable "I Get Nervous." Perhaps you'll be snagged by "Rosie," which begins ever so slowly and gently, whispering coyly in your ear before, a minute or so later, it expands and rushes into a jumble of lushness. It's nigh on impossible not to hear "Truss Me," a song scented with the perfume of a velvet midnight in the pulsating, sweet height of summer, and not want to kiss someone. Even now, oh so many listens in, this album knocks me out. If you don't own this record yet, don't let yourself go another day without it. It really is that good.

mp3: Blue & Silver (Lower Dens from Twin-Hand Movement)


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