Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #18b - Pomegranates

Why I Decree it to Be So:

I already really, really liked me some Pomegranates, y'all. Heck, they might already have been my favorite Ohioans. But then they went and made One of Us, and damned if this record didn't blow my mind, rock my boat, and shiver my timbers. My smit was instantaneous, with title track "One of Us"'s sophisticated swirl and undeniable shimmy thawing my cold black heart. It sounds to me like what might happen if Sound Team and The Spinto Band got drunk while listening to the Jesus & Mary Chain, which basically means lotsa fearless fuzz and poppy cuteness. The divine "50s" is deliriously, dizzyingly addictive, madcap quick and irrepressible with a very John Hughes-ian sweetness to it. But really, there's not a song here that isn't sensational. Talk about putting the Oh (hell yes/shit fire/holy hell/mercy/sweet Jesus) in Ohio.

mp3: 50s (Pomegranates from One of Us)


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