Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #15 - Interpol

Why I Decree it to Be So:

I had concerns about this one initially, y'all. Here was Interpol 2.0, and I was a little dubious about whether that old sinister magic would rear its marvellously menacing head on Interpol. Obviously, I was just being silly. Interpol the record is yet another fine effort by Interpol the band, full of that old familiar dreamy darkness and the slick sharpness that hallmarks the Interpol sound. For me, it's always been about that voice, the magnetic, commanding tones of Paul Banks. On Interpol, his honeyed slink is at its' seductive, Christopher Lee vampire-eyes mesmeric best, and the aural assault of each multi-faceted song is as battering as you could hope for. "Lights" is a standout, on par with the best of Interpol's best, all biting guitar and sexy swells of noise. I'm not sure they'll ever match the electric brilliance of Turn On The Bright Lights, but with Interpol they hit upon something wonderful in its own right.

mp3: Lights (Interpol from Interpol)


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