Live Review: Pujol @ Comet Ping Pong, 2/4/2011

It was, for all intents and purposes, the week that wouldn't die, perhaps because I was so super stoked to see Pujol once again at Comet Ping Pong (touring with Monotonix). Once I arrived at the pizza/rock joint, I was amazed/pleased/impressed to see the concert room bursting at the seams. It was so packed that people were actually being turned away at the door, something I haven't seen at any venue around DC in quite a while. I could hardly see the stage for the heaving mass of people, but that was quite alright. I didn't need to see Pujol to get blown away once again.

With one of his band sporting a Bob Dylan circa Nashville Skyline hat, the band was ready to begin. "Fuckin' own that shit!" someone slurred drunkenly behind me, and own that shit they did. "We're all from Tennessee and we're gonna play some songs for you," Daniel Pujol proclaimed before the band ripped into their fantastic set. As I expected, based on my last live Pujol experience, the band was rougher and more raw live, though the poppy undertones remain amongst all that rowdy rock and rolling. The band was loud, raucous, and fearless. "We're gonna slow it down and be serious, Daniel said in his intro to "Butterflyknife," garnering loud cheers with the cool, easygoing slowdown with just a hint of bombast it presented among all the sweaty shimmying.

The set was over way, way too fast for my liking. But what a set it was. If you're in need of some sweet little rock and rollers, you can't do much better than the catchy as all hell song stylings of Pujol.


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