Singles Club: La Sera

It's still Baltic cold up in this area, but I'm feeling a little bit of thaw thanks to my glee at having bought my plane tickets for April's excursion out to my second Coachella. Sure, it happened yesterday, but dangit I'm still over the bloody moon. But back to the whole thaw thing. I was pawing through my inbox when I stumbled upon the new single from the exceedingly nifty La Sera. And I thought, hmm, there's some thaw to this here song, too.

Listen closely and you'll hear the icicles melt, feel the sun warm just a touch, and see the last piles of snow melt away. Between the fuzzy repetition and the lovely lady vocals, "Devils Hearts Grow Cold" is a winner.

mp3: Devils Hearts Grow Cold (La Sera from Devils Hearts Grow Cold)


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