Singles Club: Fergus & Geronimo

People have been yelling "Geronimo!" before plunging themselves into pools/other bodies of water for who knows how long. So in a way, I guess it's perhaps fitting that this here new ditty by Denton, TX musicos Fergus & Geronimo makes one feel like you're twisting the night away (and the early morning, too) at a crazy fun beach or pool party (or perhaps both, which would be crazy). Wherein, of course, somebody has to yell "Geronimo!" right as they take a dip in the drink, quite possibly induced by the good time vibes of said song.

"Baby Don't You Cry" is deliciously addictive, deceptively simple, deliriously delightful, and it can be all yours right this very minute.

mp3: Baby Don't You Cry (Fergus & Geronimo from Unlearn)


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