Singles Club: Ducktails

So really, really, really exciting news this week, y'all! Two seriously major bands are getting together and bringing their combined awesome to the road, and it's gonna be insane. Who am I so excited about, you might be a-wonderin? Well, I'm in a tizzy about the upcoming Woods/Ducktails tour, of course! It's a cute little small tour, so if you live in one of a handful of cities, or within driving distance, you're in luck. Having already seen Woods, I know they're worth a bit of a drive, and being way in love with Ducktails I'm pretty sure you'll find me at the Ottobar up in Baltimore for this here show.

In the meantime, here's a little lovely enticement from Ducktails. It's lusciously, languidly lo-fi and all sorts of lazy day dreamlike. It's daggum beautiful, and if you've not yet heard it, well, you're welcome for making your day that much better.

mp3: Hamilton Road (Ducktails from Ducktails III)


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