Singles Club: Birdlips

Once upon a time, then-Charlottesville-ians Birdlips played LET's first EVER show down in Richmond. Since they, they've picked up stakes, moving first to San Francisco and then to, well, nowhere in particular. You see, you rascally rabbits you, Cliff and Lindsay are indulging in a rock&roll fantasty lifestyle: tooling around in their van, whereever their hearts (or GPS) might lead them.

This is good news for just about all of us, because while the adorable nomads are on their fantastic voyage, they're recording tons and tons of excellent music as they go. Their spacey, psychy, folky, beachy, wacky music is a joy to behold, so get thee to the beholding sharpish. They're also lovely people, so make sure to take them out to lunch/dinner/cocktails whenever they end up in your neck of the woods. Bonus for DC folks: Birdlips plays the Black Cat tomorrow night.

mp3: Under Crooked Trees (Birdlips from One Tongue)


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