Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #64 - The Ferocious Few

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Ah, the simple joys of the two man band. San Franciscans Daniel Aguilar and Francisco Fernandez unleashed
Juices on the world earlier this year, and for that bloody mess of tawdry, filthy, gritty, noisy, punch-you-in-the-gut-and-break-a-beer-bottle-over-your-head rock the world offered grateful thanks. Between the almost possessed, honey-coated rocky howl of Fernandez and the tortuous, have mercy on the drum kit style of Aguilar, The Ferocious Few and their Juices take no prisoners.

mp3: Gasoline & Cocaine (The Ferocious Few from Juices)

mp3: Lord Save My Soul (The Ferocious Few)


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