Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #61 - Blood Feathers

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Hail, hail rock & roll. These little movers and shakers and rattlers and rollers from Philly known as Blood Feathers have delivered a record full of rock & roll reverence and sass, and damned if it's not oh so mighty fine. They've studied the beautiful beginnings of rock & roll quite well, and their forefathers would be so very proud. It's as though they want nothing more than to get your blood pumping and your shimmy shaking, and listening to this record it's hard not to fall victim to their delightful master plan. Surrender now, my friends, because resistance is quite futile.

mp3: Don't Know You At All (Blood Feathers from Goodness Gracious)


  1. Agreed! My friend Ben is the lead singer in this band. They're terrific; you must see them live!

  2. Nicole! I had the pleasure of seeing BF once last year, and they were so fantastic! I hope to see them again soon. :)


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