From The Library: The Rolling Stones - 365 Days by Simon Wells

Y'all know that mama loves her some Rolling Stones. So it stands to reason that there are one or two (or more) books on those same Rolling Stones around the old homestead. Of all the Stones books I have, this one is a particular favorite.

From the very opening (and ending) of this book, a two-page homage to those luscious Jagger lips, Simon Wells gives the people what they want - 365 fabulous fabulous and foxy photos of the Stones from the archives of Getty Images. The photos lead chronologically from the beginning (photo #1 being of Mick Jagger's father, Basil), through to the 2000s, and many are accompanied by choice quotes from the members of the band and important related figures (such as former manager/svengali Andrew Loog Oldham and music rags like NME).

As you gaze upon classic image after classic image, you can softly chuckle to yourself when reading Mick's humble words, "I'm just an ordinary English bloke, same as everyone else," or concur completely with Oldham's proclamation that, "The Rolling Stones are more than just a group - they're a way of life." You'll just plain enjoy this splendid collection of Stones shots and all those nuggest of Stonesian trivia. So get off of my cloud and get your own dang copy of The Rolling Stones - 365 Days.

mp3: Tumbling Dice (The Rolling Stones from Exile On Main Street) (Nice choice, Those Who Dig!)


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