Video Vixens: The So So Glos

The So So Glos are definitely among the ranks of the favorites around these parts. That foursome of young rabble rousers is quite enough to give anyone a fit of teenage kicks. But danged if it hasn't been a heck of a long time since I talked about these boys. Time to right that particular ship right this very minute.

The video for "Fred Astaire" features the guys dappering it up in some snazzy suits as they unleash some of their infectious, brashly frenzied NYC rockadoo as a dancer paying homage to Astaire taps and twirls his way around New York, top hat and all. Quality.

mp3: Fred Astaire (The So So Glos from the Low Back Chain Shift EP)

"Fred Astaire" - The So So Glos from Matthew Greeley on Vimeo.


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