Video Vixens: Roll Tide

As a University of Alabama alum, I would be seriously remiss if I didn't post this here little video for your viewing pleasure, in honor of the Crimson Tide's appearance against Michigan State tomorrow in the Capital One Bowl (Roll Tide).

Now, as regards ESPN, I've long been of the opinion that, aside from the whip-smart SportsNation (we heart Colin and Michelle), the best thing about ESPN is their series of hilarious promo spots. This one is without question one of their best (though the Albert Pujols as a robot one is also daggum hysterical). Perhaps a smidge unrealistic (in my four years in Tuscaloosa I think the only times I said "Roll Tide" to anyone was during football games/during pre- or post-game drinking), but it's pretty rad all the same. And now, without further ado, Roll Tide, y'all.

mp3: Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover) (The Dream Syndicate live in Rotterdam - Buy This and Be Happy)


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