Singles Club: Sleepy Rebels

I like the trappings of cold climes (brightly-colored tights, cozy sweaters, fabulous vintage tweed coats) a whole lot more than I like actual cold weather itself. Wind chill makes me very, very unhappy. As I sit here and pout at the idea of a for real White Christmas, I can't help but let my mind wander to sunnier (well, perhaps not at the moment), warmer, and snow-less places. Places like...California (Southern).

New York's Sleepy Rebels seems to have been on the same wavelength, as they're sharing the gift of their song "California Christmas" with us. It's cutesy, it's adorable, and it's fluffy: all things to help take one's mind off the threat of blizzards and shoveling and other fun wintery things.

mp3: California Christmas (Sleepy Rebels from Bah, Humbug!)


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