Singles Club: Sex Beet/Jerry Tropicano

Y'all, we're gonna keep giving til there's nothin left to give, let me just tell you. Keeping it in the Christmas spirit, here's a little ditty from one of my new favorite bands, Sex Beet. These miscreants know how to do it; they'll shimmy and they'll shake and they'll pretty much blow your house down. Obviously, you should probably start loving them now, that is if you don't already.

According to Luke Sex Beet, the band is now decamping in Copenhagen, thanks to a rather scandalous legal issue that I'd have to kill anyone I told, so in lieu of that, here's a little holiday jam courtesy of Sex Beet and their amigo and current tour companion Jerry Tropicano.

mp3: Christmas Line (Sex Beet & Jerry Tropicano)


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