Singles Club: Robbers On High Street

I don't know about y'all, but my Christmas just hasn't really ever had enough disco. In between all those holiday standards, repeat listens of The Nutcracker, and those swinging sounds of Christmas With The Rat Pack, I really do feel a gaping hole. Thankfully, this year there's help for all of us who suffer from the disco-less Christmas conundrum.

Robbers On High Street, those adorable scamps from NYC, have put their spin on one heck of a Christmas carol. With the sweeping, over-the-topness of it all, I'd say it is, most assuredly, required holiday listening. It's sure to get all your eggnog-swilling relatives in full holiday spirit.

mp3: The Rocking Disco Santa Claus (Robbers On High Street - buy stuff here!)


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