Singles Club: Pete & The Pirates

My love for Pete & The Pirates is one of our worst-kept secrets here at LET. Those impish, naughty little scamps represent the absolute best of the best when it comes to English exports, in my humble opinion.

To appease those folks (including yours truly) who wait impatiently and almost choke on baited breath, the lads have released a new song, which'll be featured on their better-be-coming-out-soon new record. "Winter 1" is remarkably, well, wintry, sleek and yet just a touch gritty, with a bit of shimmy to the usual Pete-ian rock jangle. In short, it's a winter wonderland of a delight.

mp3: Winter 1 (Pete & The Pirates from their forthcoming record TBA)

Pete and the Pirates - Winter 1 from Stolen Recordings on Vimeo.


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