Singles Club: Kisses

Who doesn't love kisses? Or for that matter, Kisses? The LA duo behind Kisses have a great sonic philosophy. According to Jesse Kisses, "Great pop music is about escape. Kisses is about entering into another world." Now, I don't know about you, but escapism through pop music sounds pretty dang good to me.

So, what could possibly make this whole Kisses thing even better, you might be wondering? Hows about a little remix of their song "Kisses" as seen through the ever-awesome eyes of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard? Goddard gives the song an even more exaggerated 70s French disco treatment, slinky and sleek with an almost Daft Punk is playing at my discotheque kinda vibe. It's all very shimmery and pretty, and I like it quite a bit. You might just like it quite a bit yourself.

mp3: Kisses (Joe Goddard Remix) (Kisses from The Heart Of The Nightlife)


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