Singles Club: Hot Sugar

One more, y'all, and then I'm unplugging for a few days to enjoy some quality holiday time. If you're feeling a little sluggish, a little lacking in the dancefloor department, well have I got a song for you. Hot damn.

Hot Sugar (AKA cutiepie Nick Koenig) has cooked up quite a groove to help you work off all that fruitcake. "Don't Cut Down My Tree" is a doozy, filled with dirty, dirty beats and all sorts of slink. It's like the sonic equivalent of the suggestive one-eyebrow raise. It's a little bit wicked, and Santa probably won't be checking it off his list because this is one naughty song. But it's oh-so nice.

mp3: Don't Cut Down My Tree (Hot Sugar from the forthcoming Muscle Milk EP)


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