Singles Club: Foxes In Fiction

For the record, I used to loathe the song "Teenage Dream". As sung by one of that cadre of annoying pop stars, that is. It's amazing what a killer cover by someone to keep an eye on can do to one's opinion of a song.

Foxes In Fiction, the solo workings of 21 year-old art school dropout Warren Hildebrand, takes on a piece of drivel and turns it into a really freaking good song. You can hear the Deerhunter and Brian Eno influences all over the place, from the insolationist vocals to the mish mash of noise running rampant. Hildebrand retains the pop feel of the song, but gives it one heck of a facelift. Warning: This song will get stuck in your head, but you can feel perfectly ok about it.

mp3: Teenage Dream (Foxes In Fiction - Buy Stuff)


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