Singles Club: Common Prayer (Xmas Edition)

Lest you forget, my darling little sugarplums, I'm rather enamored of Common Prayer. The solo-ish project of Hopewell's Jason Russo leads one into a tempting confection of out there, pie-in-the-sky prettiness. You can bet your bottom dollar There Is A Mountain will be rearing it's lovely head in my Best Of 2010 listage (whenever I get around to making said lists). In the meantime, you should just go and buy it so you can see for yourself what all the gushing is about.

To inspire you, I'd like to present the too cute Xmas treat from Common Prayer. Russo and his adorable partner in Common Prayer crime, Alexandra Marvar, put their own enchanting turn on one of my favorite Xmasy tunes, "Winter Wonderland". It's sweeter than your grandmama's fruitcake.

mp3: Winter Wonderland (Common Prayer)

mp3: commonprayer (Common Prayer from There Is A Mountain)


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