Ramble On #2: Hammer No More The Fingers

Which is more difficult: writing a song or writing a poem? Beats the heck out of me, I don't write either. But I'll tell you who does. The trio of dudes that's rapidly turning into some of my favorite Carolinians, otherwise known as Hammer No More The Fingers. The 90s college rock-esque rockers Duncan, Jeff, and Joe came up with a mighty fine group effort with the below piece of poetry, all inspired by their latest tour across this great land. So read on, and if you're in the DC metro, I suggest you consider heading to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel tomorrow night for what will surely be a rollicking good rock'n'roll time with the aforementioned Hammer. As you can see from this here poem, they're not too shabby with the poetical stuff, either.

sweet arcade games
mr basketball you have
great mustaches
hair cuts les savy fav
girl drummers play sex cymbals
cheesewhiz meat and bread
cigarette smoke machine
clouds up your head
in sky or on land
its birds, fox japan
blew a superwadzilla in a basement insaneo
the grass is always greener at the foot of a volcano
machete confetti
invisible host
anybody need a beer
chad the bro ghost

mp3: Nobody Knows (Hammer No More The Fingers from Looking For Bruce) (courtesy Sunset In The Rearview Mirror)


  1. HNMTF are also playing in Baltimore on Friday night (12/10) at The Talking Head with Brooklyn synth kings Red Wire Black Wire.
    Right now indie rock forecasters are predicting an awesome show with occasional flashes of brilliance...


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