Happy Birthday, Frank

Few people could, or could ever hope to, croon like Ole Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

To paraphrase The Big Lebowski, he was definitely a man for his time and place, so much does he idealize and typify gentlemen of a certain era. He was the penultimate Guy's Guy, while also managing to be the penultimate Ladies' Man. Those suits, those moves, those drinks, those women...Sinatra, one could argue, had it all and then some during his lifetime.

Personally, I like him best during those wild and crazy Rat Pack years. When Vegas was a glamourous, sizzling hot place to be for reasons other than the weather. When showgirls were classy (ish) and you had to wear a suit to dinner. So raise a martini to one of the finest voices that ever did sing, Mister Frank Sinatra.

mp3: The Christmas Waltz (Frank Sinatra from The Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection) (song from the excellent A Free Man)


  1. Thanks for the kind words!

    And Sinatra? Well, the voice speaks for itself.


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