Singles Club: Mogwai

Once upon a time, I wasn't such a fan of Mogwai. Yeah, I don't know why either. It seems pretty obvious these days that I would be into them. I mean, considering that they're a) Scottish, b) loud, and c) slightly abrasive, they are rather up my proverbial alley. Being a fan of d) all of the above, I finally saw the light, and embraced a modicum of affection for these sonic hellions.

It almost doesn't seem possible, but the band is preparing to release their seventh, yes seventh, full-length record. My, where has the time gone? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is going to be loud, louder, and loudest all at the same time. To celebrate letting us all in on what their album cover is going to look like, the gents are kindly giving a song from said record away. Aren't they sweet? Have at "Rano Pano", won't you?

mp3: Rano Pano (Mogwai from the forthcoming Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will)


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