Singles Club: MINKS

There are certain songs that you just know will become favorites. Heck, after one listen they ARE favorites. Well, kiddies, meet MINKS. Their "Cemetary Rain" has just become one of my favorite songs.

The band themselves hails from New York, though listening to this song you might not suspect that as their locale. "Cemetary Rain" is full of deliriously dreamy lo-fi, bedroom recording type sounds, with more than a slight nod to English bands of the 80s (the Cure tends to get tossed around a lot when discussing MINKS, and it's kinda easy to see why) through the gentle crackles and fuzz and super adorable boy-girl vocals. But somehow, instead of instilling a sense of gloom, this song makes me want to get out there and do nothing but frolic all day long, rain or shine. It's pretty daggum special, y'all.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to "Cemetary Rain" all day.

mp3: Cemetary Rain (MINKS from the forthcoming By The Hedge)


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