Singles Club: Holcombe Waller

For some reason, today just feels like the perfect day to post about Holcombe Waller. The clouds are billowing over the sun and the blue of the sky in a tight, pillow-like mass, and the trees are losing crisp leaves by the minute as the wind snaps them off branch after branch. Why does that make me think of Holcombe Waller, you might ask?

Well, friends, I'll tell you why. There's something about Waller's voice, clear and spare and well-schooled in the fine art of road-weary troubadour-ing, that seems tailor-made for late Fall days such as this. "Risk Of Change" is a stark yet sweeping gem, eliciting wistfulness in no short supply. It's the perfect song for listening to on repeat and wallowing in those aching moments come and gone.

mp3: Risk Of Change (Holcombe Waller from the forthcoming Into The Dark Unknown)


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