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Ooooh look, new stuff from Bear In Heaven! I don't know about you, friends, but those words bring a few extra beats to my heart. To celebrate the release of a remix record full of goodies from their most excellent Beast Rest Forth Mouth, the band has just offered up a remix of the killer "You Do You", as seen through the eyes of Brits Tropics.

To quoth BIH's Jon Philpot, the Tropics remix is "slow and bumping" and "kinda like Phil Collins." There you have it, friends. Bear In Heaven just wrapped up their last US tour of the year, but Australian compadres, they're soon to be heading your way. Make sure you make the boys feel welcome, won't you?

mp3: You Do You (Tropics Remix) (Bear In Heaven from Beast Rest Forth Mouth)


  1. Dang, it's gotten harder to steal free music from this site...

  2. Nonsense, friend. We still give you free tunes aplenty, no?


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