Otherwise Engaged: Cloud Cult

It is an unfortunate reality for the serious concertgoer that on occasion, there will be more than one show on any given night that you really, really, REALLY wanna go to. Since the vast majority of us don't own a time machine, nor have the ability to either clone ourselves or split ourselves in half (or thirds or quarters, depending on the night in question), this tends to present a problem. Difficult decisions are made based on a multitude of variables (perhaps some of you even make lists of pros and cons), and ultimately, a show is chosen. But those other shows are still gonna be killer, and I'd like to give a little face time to the shows that, while I can't go myself, are highly recommended all the same.

For example, let's look at tonight, shall we? The District of Columbia is blessed with a bounty of shows virtually any night of the week. But on nights such as tonight, this gift becomes almost a burden. Any other night of the week, I would totally be at the Black Cat to see Cloud Cult. Any. Other. Night. I've never seen 'em, have wanted to see 'em for a while, and would love to see them at my favoritest of favorite spots. But of course, the scheduling gods did not take my needs into consideration. Thanks a lot, scheduling gods. But just because I can't be there for their sonic goodness doesn't mean YOU can't be. And rest of the country, they're on tour for a wee while longer, so go forth and enjoy.

mp3: You'll Be Bright (Cloud Cult from Light Chasers)


  1. You're making a really big mistake. They're one of the most special live acts you'll ever see. If you do go, you will not in hindsight believe that you were silly enough to consider doing something else. I PROMISE.

  2. Anon, I have no doubt you are right. But I was already taken for the night, and it was rather spectacular. I shall just have to see Cloud Cult another time. Which there will hopefully be.


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