Newsflash!: La Strada Calls It Quits/Goes Out With a Bang

I've known about this little news item for a little while now, but it's one of those things that bummed me out so much I tried to pretend it was all a vicious lie (and yes, please do read that in the style of Mrs. Peacock from Clue the movie). Alas, it's no lie, it's the stone cold truth. I regretfully pass along the news that my beloved Brooklynites La Strada are heading for splitsville, leaving my little heart in tatters. Sayeth the band:

"From the very bottom of our hearts and souls we want to thank every one of you that came to see us play and supported us these last few years. We all feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful fans; we'll never forget you!"

Fortunately, if you've never had the chance to see the band live, you've got one more chance before they are no more. Their final show of ever will be at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn (where else?!) on November 20th. Joining them will be LET faves Birdlips and Hospitality. Get yer tickets here. I'll forever be glad I saw them before the end became nigh.


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