Crossing The Pond: Sex Beet

As you know, we love Best Coast here at LET. And having asked them to open their UK tour for them, Best Coast obviously loves them some Sex Beet. Which means, as you might well imagine, that we too love Sex Beet.

They are, perhaps, London's answer to those Austinian scamps The Strange Boys and their ilk. You see, as with TSB Sex Beet has some obvious love for years gone by, mixing the breathless glee of some late fifties/early sixties simplicity and surf vibes with a hearty dose of ferocious, almost shoegazing fuzz, not to mention a wee bit of attitude as well. And yet, there seems to be something even better, even fresher about them. They are endearing, they are brash, and they are a perfect fit for a Best Coast tour. I'd remember their name if I were you, little lovvies, because they might just be on the precipice of something big. At least, they fucking well should be.

mp3: Sugar Water (Sex Beet - go here to buy some shit)


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