100 Shows of 2010 - #83: Local Natives @ 9:30 Club, 10/28/10

I tell you what, y'all. The day of the Local Natives show was pretty craptastic, which made it all the more imperative that my soul be soothed by the most excellent sonic splendor of Local Natives. I realize it's a heavy burden to place such an emotional crutch on a traveling band, but I was fairly sure Local Natives could handle the pressure. After all, this is a band that's made the leap from DC's smaller venues to the legendary 9:30 Club in a matter of months. The sold out crowd was abuzz with anticipation, and we all waited to see just how much the seriously amazing (on record) band could bring it in person. The answer, of course, was a whole heck of a lot. Witness, my friends, live musical awesomeness.

MINI RECAP: Local Natives = Lusciously Noisy! Overall Score: A

Striding out to David Bowie's "Modern Love", the band worked the crowd into a frothy lather of love from the word go. The band was, inconceivably, better live than on record. From the ferocious feistiness, rollicking rollers, and big badness, Local Natives was nigh on brilliant. A cover of the Talking Heads track "Warning Sign" proved a good move, with the prettiness of the Natives adding new dimensions to the oft abrasive Heads. When it came to their own songs, the band at times gave me chills. "Wide Eyes" was particularly stunning, verging on haunting as the notes soared and filled every molecule of the room (well, every molecule that wasn't already crammed with people). It was at this moment that someone standing near me opined, "They're not bad," and I'd venture to say that's one of the biggest understatements of the year.

"Shapeshifter" was another goosebump-inducer, while slightly less china-delicate than on Gorilla Manor it was still glorious, a hazy swirl of loveliness. For some reason, at times I found myself thinking of that Kings of Convenience record, Quiet is the New Loud, and how Local Natives kinda turns that sentiment on its ear, seeing as they can somehow do both simultaneously and quite splendidly.

I'll say this, whatever voodoo those boys do got me feeling all better. My shitty day instantly became a thing of the past, lost in the ether, as those sunny sounds took hold of my brain. Local Natives is definitely proof that some fine live music can heal your soul.

mp3: Wide Eyes (Local Natives from Gorilla Manor)


  1. That's a picture of the fabulous Reunions extravaganza I disappeared to every year...I don't think I know anyone from the class of '83, though... :)

    I'm gonna get a jacket like that (but hopefully even tackier) at my 25th reunion, too.


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