100 Shows of 2010 - #73: Gayngs @ Black Cat, 10/5/10

As I'm sure y'all informed little loves have already heard, Gayngs has been having a wee bit of trouble with their touring vehicle. And, well, their instruments. Hey, it happens. But before all that kerfuffle of confusion and all that silly, third-person statement-issuing, the conglomeration of super cute, super sassy Gayng-members rolled into DC, where yours truly and yes, best friend Laura, witnessed a night of hott rocks and cool jams. You know how we do. Needless to say, it was definitely one of the bestest, most ridiculous shows of the entire annum 2010. Fo sho, y'all.

MINI RECAP: Gayngs = Good Goddam! Overall Score: A

Gayngs, Gayngs, Gayngs. Where to start, really? There's about a million of them, as you know, but don't call them a supergroup. I like to think of them as a mob. A gang, if you will. Hey, they've even got their own gayng sign (involving middle fingers, naturally). Each one of the herd was delightful, with garb ranging from ghetto fabulous to indie chic. Which means there was a whole lotta sunglasses worn at night and super fly cowboy shirts. You know the drill. Special shoutout to Brad Cook (of LET faves Megafaun) for his fuzzy bear head accessory. Well done, Brad. The sound of Gayngs was slow jamz meets a wealth of indie quirkiness. In short, this was some hot diggity dog seriously ridiculous shit.

At times it was hard to tell where the line between joke and serious band began, but the music stands as a testament to what can happen when a whole lot of terribly talented music folk get together and start messing around. "We love you," someone from the audience lustily proclaimed, and got a "We love you guys, too" for their trouble. And I tell you what, y'all, damned if I don't love me some Gayngs. Any band that can make booties shake and touch your soul, well, they don't come along all that much. Oh, and a Sade cover? Priceless. Seriously. I can't explain it, but there is something unspeakably foxy about dudes who cover Sade. Bands, take note. Their sunglasses and dance moves cracked me up, but their music was the real deal.

Should you be lucky enough to ever have the chance to see this band, I can tell you only this: Do it. Do it. Oh, and, do it.

mp3: By Your Side (Sade Cover) (Gayngs from Daytrotter Session)


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