100 Shows of 2010 - #72: Foals @ Black Cat, 10/3/10

It seems that sometimes one has to be cajoled, coaxed, and very nearly dragged kicking and screaming to a show in order to be shown a good time. Such is the case of my best friend Laura and the Foals show at the Black Cat. Meeting with my dithering and waffling, she persisted admirably, and finally got me to leave the house. I know, meow meow meow rock and roll meow. Let me tell you, my darlings, that is a good friend. I can't even tell you how glad I am to have been coerced into this show, because it was one hell of a good time. To see Foals live is, well, unfathomably, splendidly, amazingly glorious.

MINI RECAP: Foals = Fucking Yes! Overall Score: A

I was pleased as punch to be at this show right from the beginning of their set. Foals has, somehow, won themselves quite a rabid little fanbase in DC, and I was pretty surprised by both the size and enthusiasm of the raucous revelers. Not surprised that Foals has so many fans, mind you, but surprised at how many dragged themselves out on a Sunday and were so very vocal. It's not often I'm part of such an excitable crowd these days, and it was rather refreshing. I'm guessing the kids dig that whole frenetic, whirling dervish synthy rock thing, quite possibly. I know I sure did.

With the crowd hanging on every note and cheering heartily for every song, Foals ripped through a doozy of an intense, glowering glow of a set. "Are you guys having a nice time?" the band inquired, to which the kids shouted their affirmations loud and clear. The sound was great, and the boys of Foals turned it loose and unleashed quite a mighty musical beast whenever they damn well pleased, which, happily, was a frequent happening. There's more to their sound than just luridly loud, filthy noise, mind you. Serious melodies and structure can be found all over the place. Foals knows how to write a song, that's for damn sure. Their interaction with the crowd was brief, but the musical communique certainly made up for the lack of smalltalk. I was totally and utterly astounded by their brutal, beautiful sound.

Foals, o Foals. What a wonderful, adorable band you are. If you, friends, find yourselves in the path of their tour, be it now or sometime in the future, don't wait for your friends to twist your arms into going to see them. Do it for yourselves. And maybe bring along a few friends. I guarantee they'll love you for it.

mp3: Balloons (Foals from Antidotes)


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