100 Shows of 2010 - #70: The Acorn @ DC9, 9/26/10

Moustaches might be all the rage right now, friends, but some folks choose to keep it old school and stick with beards and shadow. And I'm an old-fashioned gal at heart, and I loves me some beards and shadow. The Acorn, some of my new favorite neighbors to the North, fancies it old school, too. Which, in truth, is but one reason to love them. Having seen them live, finally, I can assure you there's plenty more to become smitten with. Beardage is just the tip of the iceberg.

MINI RECAP: The Acorn = Totally Astonishing! Overall Score: B++

Ambling onto a stage that felt more like a lakeside living room than a DC stage, thanks to some lamps and actual cabin walls imported from Canada for the tour, The Acorn demonstrated that a band can actually look like they sound. That being rustic and lovely and just a bit woodsy (hey, there was some plaid present, after all, not to mention all that rugged facial hair). Their sound took me to the land of big skies and piney woods and crystal lakes, at times ever-so dreamy and lulling and always, always beautiful.

"Crooked Legs" was possibly the highlight of the night for me, the breathtaking delicacy eliciting scenes of firefly-lit nights serenaded by nocturnal animals and lit by starlight. While it might seem impossible, the live version of this, and probably every song they played, was even lovelier than the recorded version. Something about this band, friends, something about them is just bewitching. But of course, it wasn't all arch perfection. No, no. These Canucks know how to get a little raunchy, launching into "the sex vibes" with a song "about our collective genitalia." I was pleased to note the band can also bring a little rock, too, proving more than idyllically one-track ponies. And nothing earns points with a DC blogger like favorably comparing and contrasting DC crowds with Philly crowds.

But to me, The Acorn is at their best when carefully and delicately creating bucolic gems full of pretty, pretty sounds. The result is all sorts of glorious goodness. And really, this is a band that should be experienced often and regularly. You can interpret that however you want, you dirty bastards.

mp3: Crooked Legs (The Acorn from Glory Hope Mountain)


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