Zut Alors!: Deer Tick To Auction Bus For Flood Relief

It is an unfortunate thing about life that we live on a planet that is extremely dramatic and changeable when it comes to climate and weather. Sometimes, weather wreaks havoc on small clusters of the world's population, and other times, well, things reach truly horrific levels. Such is the case in Pakistan, where flooding has impacted potentially tens of millions of people. Just think about that for a minute. Pretty ghastly, right?

If you've been wondering what you can do to make a difference and help out, well, here's an option. The kind souls in Deer Tick are auctioning off The Flagship, their 2009 touring vehicle, to raise money for flood relief. Visit this here link for further information about the auction, which will be ongoing for three weeks. You can also donate to Oxfam at the merch booth at all dates on the upcoming Deer Tick tour. It's a long tour, so plenty of chances to open up the wallets. So go on. Do a little something good for those who need help in ways most of us couldn't even imagine.

mp3: Piece By Piece, Frame By Frame (Deer Tick from The Black Dirt Sessions)


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