Happy Birthday, Liam

So, back in the mid-90s, I wanted nothing more in life than to become Mrs. Liam Gallagher (don't judge). To me, there was no boy cuter than Our Kid, that brashest of swaggers blowing all other teenage crushes to smithereens. Not to mention those cheekbones! Those chops! No wonder I didn't like many dudes at my high school, I was too busy swooning over the musicians at such a tender age. But really, in 1996, was there any hotter frontman? Any saucier tambourine shaker? I think not.

And so it is that today, with all those old tender feelings in mind, I'd like to extend a warm birthday snog to Mister Liam Gallagher. Word on the street is that he's working on getting a new band together, in the wake of the latest (and perhaps final?) demise of Oasis. If so, well, best of luck. But for memories' sake, here's a little Oasis for all of my fellow Liam-ites.

mp3: Wonderwall (Oasis from (What's The Story) Morning Glory?)


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