Album Review: Seas – Now My Home Is A Beech Tree

Seas, or SEAS depending on your affinity for caps, is the embodiment of a gorgeous sonic wonderland put forth into the realms of reality by Ben Green. Green, a resident of the greater DC megalopolis, has made a record that sounds absolutely nothing like the hustle and bustle of the powerful environs in which he lives. Instead, Now My Home Is A Beech Tree, the debut Seas record, sounds more like a stunning collection of escapist treasures, songs full of mountain mists and shimmering sunsets and perennial falls and springs. It’s not all about the power of escaping reality, however, as Seas finds loveliness in the sentiments of everyday mortals.

The first time I heard the record all the way through, I loved it. The second time through, well, as you might have guessed, I loved it even more. It begins with the transcendent “Narrows”, swirling around as it does, placid and tranquil and effortlessly beautiful. The haunting creep of “The Integral Accident” is terribly appealing, with more of Green’s gentle strumming and calm, steady vocals. “I know/you know/our fate is sealed,” Green sings, wondering, “What will happen when we’re gone” as a wash of melancholia grows behind him.

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite song from
Now My Home Is A Beech Tree, though with some pressurizing I’ll admit that I’m somewhat partial to the breathless, heady sound of “Cusseta”. Something about that slow-motion, dream-sequence intro makes me think of Doves, which is always a grand thing. The beat of the drum is hypnotic, and Green’s voice lulls one into all sorts of fantastical imaginings. But then again, there’s all sorts of allure all over “The Buried Ranges”, Seas taking a more uptempo route while bemoaning being a “victim of history”.

It’s a cold, black heart indeed that doesn’t warm to
Now My Home Is A Beech Tree, ladies and gentlemen. What Green has created let no killjoy or crankypants tear asunder. In other words, might I suggest you get your paws on a copy of this here record, pronto-like? And there’s never been a better time, as Decoration Day is having a sale. And you can't beat that with a stick.

mp3: Valley Of The Fevers (Alternate) (Seas from Now My Home Is A Beech Tree)


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