100 Shows of 2010 - #60: Autolux @ Black Cat, 9/1/10

I'll let you in on a little something, friends. It's always a good time when you get the two of us Terribles in a room together, and when you throw in a fantastic band like Autolux, well, you get a damn fine evening. Thus was the case at the Black Cat, where I had the pleasure of not only Mr. Terrible's presence, but Autolux's presence for the third time, and it was, in fact, the charm. And for the record, Chris doesn't have the monopoly on gushing over Miss Carla Azar, otherwise known as Autolux's seriously fierce drummer. She was ridiculously awesome, but then, I'd say that sentiment pretty much applies to the entire set (excess reverb and all).

MINI RECAP: Autolux = Deliciously Dark! Overall Score: B+

Even before they played a note, I was impressed. Walking out to Brian Eno's "Here Come The Warm Jets" will win me over every single time. As for the band themselves, well, the three of them impressed the hell out of me, too, moreso than ever. Right from the start, Autolux showed off their big, dark, layered sound, so finely textured and so atmospheric and so full of reverb (to Chris's slight chagrin but my delight). This is a band that takes advantage of every note, cramming as much noise into each song as humanly possible. The power and aggression in the songs was accented by a slight hint of something wicked, something sinister, giving it a delicious feeling of almost devilish decadence.

The assualt on the eardrums was simply glorious. Chilling, brutal, but somehow lovely at the same time, especially when Miss Azar lent her voice as well as her sticks to the cause. Her sultry softness tempered the darkness, with beautiful effect. The songs tended to be severe and scathing, but not in a way that was at all off-putting. At times, it felt that the line between vitriolic and seductive had been muddied, with splendid results. Somehow, Autolux songs have always seemed almost catchy to me, and this night was no exception. Catchy though the songs were, all that wonderful reverb and distortion and fuzz is what tends to float my boat, and Autolux delivered and then some.

Another night, another great set by Autolux. I second my partner's notion that you should go see Autolux whenever the opportunity presents itself. You'll be so glad you did.

mp3: Supertoys (Autolux from Transit Transit)


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