Newsflash: BiMA Fest 2010!

So, it just so happens that we two sometimes (often) get so busy covering all the fun stuff in our neck of the woods that we sometimes (often) forget about our fabulous neighbors to the north. No, not Canada. I'm talkin' 'bout Charm City, baby, otherwise known as Baltimore.

There's a whole lot of righteous stuff going on up in Balto these days, which we DC folks can shamefully tend to forget, not least of which is the 2010, brand spankin' new edition of the Baltimore Independent Music & Arts Festival (aka BiMA). I'm super psyched because I've been in festival withdrawl this year, and the convenience of it all makes me feel very spoiled indeed. Not only will BiMA be celebrating some of the best that Baltimore has to offer in terms of music and other arty happenings, but they've pulled in some excellent out-of-towners to boot (for example, I'll be hitting the Churchkey Records showcase for damn sure). Check out the schedule here (and remember kids, as life is forever changing, so too could the schedule), and don't make any plans for next weekend (that'll be August 26th-28th, to be exact). Expect, of course, a detailed commentary by yours truly, since I'll be to-ing and fro-ing all weekend long.

Be there or be square, y'all!

mp3: Streets of Baltimore (Gram Parsons from GP)


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