Happy Birthday, Andy

Well kiddos, yours truly is pretty crankypants this morning. I'd like to once again reiterate that if you are a band/label/PR person who does not like us having a song of yours on our site, PLEASE EMAIL US TO REMOVE IT. Nobody wins when you don't go to us first, and it only makes us very unhappy to get grumpy notices from our hosting site and makes us not want to write things anymore. So then, let's all be nice to one another in future, shall we?

Stepping off my soapbox, it's time to wish a very Happy Birthday to the spirit of one of pop culture's most important and iconic figures. His birthday was actually yesterday, but I'm pretty sure Andy Warhol would be ok with my being late to the party. Warhol's shadow still looms large to this day, and I can tell you I just about got goosebumps standing in the presence of his Three Elvises at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts last weekend. Not only powerful as an artist, Warhol was powerful in life. Love him or hate him, he still stands as one of the biggest personalities this country has ever produced. And hey, I'm sure many of us sure do love the band he spent a lot of time with over the years. So to celebrate Andy, here's a little Velvet Underground to start off your day.

mp3: There She Goes Again (The Velvet Underground from The Velvet Underground & Nico)


  1. I'm not entirely sure but are you saying you were talking about how awesome, let's say, how awesome some fries were... as you shared them & someone smacked you down about sharing?

    Did they say, "Hey, there's no sharing like on sesame street, there's no being sad either infact! You better get an antidepressant while you're at it. These things just aren't ok & won't work out unlike the happy mistakes on a Bob Ross painting on a publicly funded tv show as we're not publicly funding you as you publicly know people or ... gasp, make friends with strangers. Kiddo, you can't be a part of that because we are apart from that, as it conflicts with our business model, much to your own chagrin." *grin* ... Well, I'd like to report that person to the corporate office so it's brought to the attention of their CEO... or better yet, inform their consultants in how to increase "synergies" thereby leaving you, as the sole fry experience handler. Hmmm, tasty.

  2. Dash, my friend, i don't have a clue what you're saying, but Thunderation, i like the verve and vigor with which you say it.

    i'm not saying, i'm just saying. You know what i'm saying?


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