Album Review: Detox Retox – Movement EP

This is one of those times when I could go on and on about how I love this band for their name alone. Detox Retox. It’s oh so clever, no? Just imagine the concept of detoxing only to retox yourself into an overindulged state once again. I’m sure the concept is anything but foreign to many of us, come to think of it. Seeing or saying Detox Retox always makes me smile. Fortunately, it’s not just the band’s name that makes this gal happy. Oh no. It’s their music, too. And lucky us, the band has just recently released the ever so excellent Movement EP, their second to date. And in this case, it’s perfectly alright to overindulge.

Movement is definitely an apt name for such an EP. The sounds are constantly in flux, these are songs that couldn’t ever be accused of sitting still. Frenetic and pulsating with energy, these six songs are representative of quite a little band on the rise in this part of the world. The main ingredients to this little party are the feisty, pretty darn sassy vocals courtesy of Michael Parker, skillfully shredded guitars clawed with equal aplomb by Parker and Nate Frey, and the plucky as all get out Double K rhythm section (comprised of Kevin Glass on bass and Kabir Khanna on drums).

And a party it is, folks. Detox Retox has the breakneck ferocity of a DC punk band tempered by ridiculously cheeky (and even more ridiculously catchy) dancefloor grooves, making them equal parts grit and glam. For those of you who’ve ever felt compelled to cut some rug while having your eardrums assaulted by waves of blinding noise, well, this could just be the band of your dreams. With a song called “Sleep Around” I can’t help but love them, really. One of my highest of high DC band recommendations.

mp3: Caroline (Detox Retox from the Movement EP)


  1. Love this album! Detox Retox is the shit!

  2. Detox Retox is ridiculously amazing. Listening to their music transports me from shitty, blah job, and deposits me in a gritty, dark club.

    I think I need to detox from them, but life would be far too boring to consider actually doing it.


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