100 Shows of 2010 - #50: The Loom @ The Red & The Black, 8/7/10

I was so very excited for this show that The Loom got their very own honorary day, so needless to say my expectations for the performance by this troupe of Brooklynites were a wee bit high. And isn’t it always the best feeling when your expectations are first met, and then shatteringly exceeded? The halfway point of my slightly insane gig odyssey was reached with a proverbial bang, darlins, and The Loom sure did prove worthy of a honorary day. Heck, they maybe should get an honorary week.

MINI RECAP: The Loom = Harrowingly Handsome! Overall score: A.

As you know, friends, I’m a little nerdy from time to time. In this instance, my geekery was given form by my listening to The Loom for nearly the entire week leading up to their Saturday evening show. This repetition both whetted by appetite and made me just a little impatient, so it was quite the double-edged sword. Finally, the happy evening was upon me. A rather hearty little group of folks (lucky souls all) was present for the show, and I doubt any one of them left disappointed.

Certain bands have IT when they step onstage, and The Loom is one such band. All six of them seem to possess supernaturally serious talent, with the power to draw one in and utterly captivate you. Be it the forceful drive of “The Middle Distance” or the country smoke of “Helen” or the winsome memory of “A Song of Faint Praise” or the sprightly flight of “The Curtain Calls”, there’s a little something special for everyone. Everything just fell into place during their set, and they sounded absolutely glorious. I left the Red & The Black convinced that though I didn’t think I could adore them more, lo and behold it somehow happened.

The Loom
absolutely has been one of the best live bands I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this year, and if you don’t a) go see them live and b) agree with this sentiment, well, I just don’t know what to say about that. I find it pretty much impossible not to love this band, and hopefully you’ll soon be in agreement.

mp3: Helen (The Loom from the forthcoming Teeth)


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