Zut Alors!: Brian O'Connor Benefit

Los Angelinos, I hope you've gone ahead and bought your tickets for the August 12th Brian O'Connor benefit show. Bitchin' band brethren Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal are joining forces and sharing a stage to assist EODM bassist Brian O'Connor with his treatment costs, O'Connor having been recently diagnosed with cancer.

Personally, I find it horrifying that our society at large can have a new cell phone every other week and we as a nation can spend billions of dollars on ridiculous wars, yet we can't seem to cure a disease that afflicts so many people year after year. It just doesn't seem like our priorities are in order, sometimes.

Getting back to the point, as I'm sure we all know, hospital bills ain't cheap. So even if you don't live in LA, you can donate a little green to help Brian deal with things during this very difficult time. Bands give us as music fans so much, and it's definitely fair that we help when we can.

mp3: Cherry Cola (Eagles Of Death Metal from Death By Sexy)


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