Meet The Get Down

Fletcher’s is dead. Long live The Get Down!

For those of you locals that remember, Fletcher’s in Baltimore was once a wonderful, grimy and gritty little dive where one could see any number of really, really loud bands play in one of those super small places that years later one could brag about when said band garnered themselves some fanfare. After many a golden year, regime change brought about unfortunate circumstances, and Fletcher’s was forced to close those hallowed doors for good. Until now.

A magic wand has been waved, and in place of that scuzzball of a beloved dive now sits a club you’d never imagine could exist in Baltimore. The Get Down is a den of gleaming, super shiny sleekness, utterly gorgeous and glamorous and the total opposite of what existed within those walls for years. The crowd at the club’s preview party seemed dazed by the gorgeous interiors, the abundance of super fancy lighting (seriously, find me another club within 100 miles that looks like this), and the overall VIP treatment by an awesome staff. The Get Down is the place to go to get your indulgence on. Hang out in the VIP balcony, lounging on one of those uber modern (and uber comfy) couches, sipping a cocktail while watching the DJ spin and the wall of lights undulate endlessly. Or grab a fancy booth on the ground floor, and watch the floor fill up with sassy dancers. The invited company was a great mix of clubgoers dressed to the 9s, neighborhood folks, and card carrying Baltimore hipsters, a conglomeration that promises widespread success for the club. For me, the reasons to drive up to Baltimore are few and far between, but with the birth of The Get Down, I might just be making a few more drives up 95.

Any and all traces of Fletcher’s have been surgically and thoroughly removed. Baltimore might have lost a concert space, but they gained one hell of a place to have a party. Fletcher’s is dead and buried, friends. Hold on to those memories. But get yourself good and ready to make some new memories at The Get Down. Get a head start on the good times with the added bonus of some Hot Chip. Yay!

mp3: Over & Over (Hot Chip from The Warning)

[Photo by Megan Petty]


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