Album Review: Loose Lips – Lower Your Expectations And Be Happy EP

Loose lips sink ships, so they say. But what do they know, anyway? This DC variety of Loose Lips has nothing whatsoever to do with sinking your battleship or any other type of maritime vessel, but they sure can rock your little socks off, and get you fighting the serious urge to shake your behind, too.

My darling little iTunes library calls them “indie rock,” but there’s much more to Loose Lips than meets such a vague classification. Sure, they’re indie. And yes, they do, in fact, rock. But somewhere in that broadness, the band manages to capture the essence of DC, in the form of an infectious little 5-song EP. It’s got the grit and grime of the city we know and love, as well as the rock and punk elements of DC’s past, mixed with some shiny sleekness and careful execution. Oh, and there’s some kicky little grooves to get you dancin’ to boot. I knew the band had gotten under my skin when I found the song “Be Happy” popping into my head at random times. At the library? Yep. Sitting on the couch at home? Check. The catchiness cannot be escaped, my friends.

Having listened to Lower Your Expectations And Be Happy, and considering the recent live performance I witnessed, I might just have to go ahead and hereby proclaim Loose Lips to be one of my top 5 local bands. This pretty fine EP makes me really excited to see what else the band has up its collective sleeve.

mp3: Be Happy (Loose Lips from the Lower Your Expectations And Be Happy EP)


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