Album Review: Sleigh Bells – Treats

Sleigh Bells, Sleigh Bells everywhere. I’ve been seeing that name just about everywhere these days, so naturally curiosity got the best of me. Thankfully, instead of killing me, it led me to some seriously bitchin’ summer music: retrofabulous beats and icy cool chick vocals, a veritable snow cone of tastiness. Treats is full of, well, treats. These songs are slammin’, straight up, a wild mix of 80s and the future.

I was already kinda diggin’ on this record, when second track “Kids” started up. It’s slick, Miami Vice-ian sound has a distinctly naughty vibe (yes, despite the presence of kiddie voices), and made me start dancing around my house in about no seconds flat. It’s a song awash with the feel of garish pastels and palm trees and shiny yachts, and it’s fantastic. “Infinity Guitars” is another one I love like crazy, loud and full of chugging, almost hair metal guitar riffs and those almost impossibly adorable chick vocals. It’s addictive as all get out, and probably just about sweet enough to send you into a sugar coma.

“Rill Rill” was made for kickin’ it on the front stoop, watching the kids with their Double Dutch and the boys do some breakin’ (all in slow-mo, natch). Another favorite of mine is the way short “Straight A’s” with its’ vicious, slashing guitars, and though brief it’s still one of the best songs on Treats. Bands have been throwing titular tracks out left and right lately, and Sleigh Bells adds another one. “Treats” glamourously shimmies along, trashy yet almost posh at the same time. The vocals are at their most ultra glam, and it’s a great way to bring things to a close.

Overall, Treats is a solid record. There’s some seriously killer songs on here, and as a whole it’s a perfect soundtrack for whiling away the muggy, stifling hours of summer. Crank up the AC, pour yourself a girly cocktail or five, and turn this shit up to 11. And let whatever hijinks ensue.

mp3: Kids (Sleigh Bells from Treats)
(song removed by request, sorry friends)


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