100 Shows of 2010 - #27: Richard Cheese @ 9:30 Club’s 30th Anniversary Party, 5/30/10

In this transient, fast-paced world of ours, there’s not a whole heck of a lot that’s built to last. I’m thrilled to say that one rare, special institution exists in this city of ours, the 9:30 Club. And 2010 just so happens to be the 30th birthday of the club that is pretty much peerless the world over. For my part, I’ve been going to shows at the 9:30 since 1997, so I’ve got 13 years of love for this venue in my lifetime. A little paragraph can’t do the place justice, but if you’re a local (or even if you’re a tourist) and haven’t yet been to a show at the 9:30, do yourself a favor and just do it, as they say at that athletic apparel brand. Gushing aside, the 9:30 has been doing some serious celebrating lately, and one such party was the invite-only 30th shindig that I was lucky enough to attend. Featuring a hearty dose of those delicious 9:30 cupcakes, rail booze, and the outrageously hilarious lounge stylings of Richard Cheese, it was one heck of a good time.

MINI RECAP: Richard Cheese = Festively Saucy! Overall score: A.

Richard Cheese actually pulled double duty the day of the party, doing an early show for the masses earlier in the night and then emerging once more for a set of special tunes for the partygoers. Flanked by his oh-so classy backing band, Cheese took the stage swaying ever so slightly, alluding to the fact that we guests weren’t the only heavily-imbibing folks in the building. And as soon as he opened his mouth on the first song, it was sheer, unadulterated silliness. The set was a special collection of songs by bands that have graced the stage over the club’s 30-year history (and multiple stages), and Cheese chose to lead off with the Nine Inch Nails classic “Closer”. I assure you, you haven’t really lived until you’ve heard Trent done in a swankily silly lounge style. It took until the next song, “Brass Monkey” by those wily Beastie Boys, for me to stop laughing hysterically.

The set also included a Slipknot gem (loved the line “people equals shit,” so very classy), “Ice Ice Baby”, and “Billie Jean”, which was really the only bone of contention in the whole Cheese-ian set. I would have chosen perhaps “Rock With You” as my MJ song of choice, but to each their own. “Gin & Juice”, “Buddy Holly”, and a cringe-ingly good yet somehow inappropriate feeling “My Neck My Back” also filled the set. Cheese brought some ladies up to dance to his cover of Sir Mix-a-lot’s classic ode to the rear end, and the civilized crassness of the entire thing was just too entertaining.

For some reason, having Richard Cheese play the party makes perfect sense. And I loved the idea of pulling a set from club performers of years past. How many times might one hear Snoop Dogg and Weezer and Vanilla Ice in the same set? Probably not all that many. And Cheese’s debauched, light-hearted lounge stylings gave the party some serious comedic relief. It was a great night, and between the vodka and the cupcakes and the cheese (excuse me, Cheese), it was quite a party. Happy 30th, 9:30! Here’s to 30 more.

mp3: Ice Ice Baby (Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine from Silent Nightclub)


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