Remembering Ian Curtis

It seems more than appropriate to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis on such a day as this, overwhelmingly gloomy, hung with droopy clouds and covered in misty rain. It's a day rife with melancholy, and a perfect day to reflect upon what was lost 30 long years ago today.

Whether you love him or hate him, see him as a sinner or a martyr, there's no getting around the level of talent Ian Curtis, and his band Joy Division, had in spades. Something in his voice, and in those lyrics, captured the spirit of the times, and captured the spirit of what was to come. In the pain and anguish of his soul, there was something beautiful and free. Someday we'll know what Curtis found that day in May years ago, but for now we're left with the songs, the songs that continue to inspire to this day.

Spare a thought for Ian today, and a thought for all the lost souls gone too soon.

mp3: Disorder (Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures)

mp3: Means To An End (Joy Division from Closer)


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