Meet The Vermilions

As more than a little bit of a self-confessed history nerd, I'm inclined to think of Fredericksburg, VA, in a purely historical context. One of my last trips down 95 to Fburg was to ogle all the famously glorious plasterwork on the ceilings of Kenmore, for example. But all of a sudden, here comes a band that might just give me another, non-nerdy reason to love the 'burg, and to think of it not just as a history-laden little hamlet but a place from which good ole fucking rock can be spawned.

The band in question? The Vermilions (one "l" in the name, if you please). I saw them warm up the crowd for The Black Lips not long ago, and they did rather well. Somewhere around that time, I was fortunate enough to get my mitts on the band's self-titled EP, six songs of garage-y glory, coated with nods to the past (well look at that, history and rock'n'roll) and occasionally bluesy undertones. This little band kinda sorta gets me going, thanks in no small part to that dirty guitar sound they've got going. Even on the demo songs, it's obvious that Vermilion Jeremy knows how to play a mean goddamn guitar. He shreds and wails and rips this joint with the best of 'em. While this guitar massacre is going on, Vermilion Evan plucks his bass with dutiful, meaty precision, and Vermilion Dan hits the skins with filth and fury. Having seen them live, and now hearing them on record, I can definitely hear the Detroit sound pulsing through their veins (Motor City burning in Fredericksburg? Who knew?).

I'm hoping for big things from this trio. If this here EP is anything to go by, they've got quite a promising future ahead of them.

mp3: Second Time Around (demo) (The Vermilions from The Vermilions EP)


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