Happy Birthday, Morrissey

He’s the crush of many an indie girl and boy the world over. In fact, a good percentage of my friends (and of course myself) all had crushes on this magnetic, moody bastard at some point during our formative music years. It’s something about that expertly coiffed hair, the doleful, heartbreaking lyrics, and that rather good-looking face…he’s a brooding, soulful, miseryguts. And he’s totally irresistible. His skill at moping and being miserable has certainly set him apart from the rest, and his songs have been the soundtrack to our sadness for many a long year. He has made a career out of being sad, and he's definitely got a knack for it.

So then, let’s all tip our caps to the one and only Mopefather. Because be it with The Smiths or on his own, nobody does it quite like Morrissey.

mp3: I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish (The Smiths from Strangeways, Here We Come)


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